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Immersive experiential learning

About 70% of the classes will take place in the field- either while working with the local communities or on construction sites for the sustainable habitats course. HIAL aims to revolutionize the learning process by shifting from the classroom and mere theoretical learning. Our students will work with their hands and learn by doing.

Live Learning Labs: Apart from academics, the University will have Live Labs wherein the students will get to work and learn from real-life projects. For instance, under the Applied Ecology module, they will visit different forestation sites, learn about afforestation techniques and also learn to identify native and non-native species. Under the Responsive Buildings module, they will have a project to develop a smart green city around the University using Passive Solar House (PSH) and Natural Building techniques.

Similarly, for all the different modules, their learning will be based on fieldwork and the actual application of classroom teachings.