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What is the duration of the fellowship?

The HILLs (Himalayan Institute of Live Learnings) fellowship is an eleven-month fully residential trans-disciplinary postgraduate programme.


What will be our work days during the fellowship?

The work days will be five days in a week (excluding Saturdays & Sundays). There might be field trips or site visits when the fellows might need to travel for visits to the site during weekends.


Will there be holidays during the course of the fellowship?

The list of specific holidays are shared in the Fellows Manual. Please go through it for further information on the same.


Will the sessions be classroom/academic or experiential/practical in nature?

The fellowship is designed in such a way that 30% of learning will be in classroom lectures and 70% of the learning would be on the field or through experiential/ live learning sessions where the fellows will learn by working alongside the faculty members on real-life problems and come up with real-life solutions.


What does the fellowship prepare me for?

HILLs fellowship is aimed at finding indigenous solutions to local problems through the pedagogy of experiential learning in the context of the mountains. It aims to expose the fellows to a diverse set of subjects and perspectives. The aim is to empower the fellows in becoming social entrepreneurs and in achieving their “Big Idea”.

During the course of the fellowship, fellows will be equipped with skills that enable them to become social entrepreneurs. After the fellowship, the fellows can pursue their ideas and become social entrepreneurs who create solutions for the mountain communities.


Can we bring along our families during our stay at the fellowship?

There is no restriction in bringing along the families. However, the fellows will have to make their own arrangements to manage their boarding, lodging and other expenses during their stay throughout the year.


Will our boarding, lodging and food during the fellowship be covered?

The details for the fee structure and other details are mentioned on the website and in the fellows manual. Please go through the same for further details.


What do I need to carry with me during my visit to Ladakh?

The detailed list for what the fellows need to carry with them when traveling to Ladakh is shared in the Fellows Handbook. Generally, we recommend to carry sunscreen, arm guards, a heavy-duty moisturiser, sunglasses and hats to protect from the harsh sun in the summers. Woollen clothes are easily available for cheap in the Leh market and blankets are provided in the farmstays where the fellows will stay. As such, there is no need to carry too many woollen clothes or blankets while traveling.


Does the fee include travel expenses during the course of the fellowship?

Yes, we cover all the expenses that will be incurred for field trips and site visits during the course of the fellowship. However, be informed that we do not cover round air expenses for your travel to Ladakh for the fellowship itself.


Will I be paid any stipend during the course of the fellowship?

No, the fellows will not be paid any stipend during the course of the fellowship. However, they can earn while learning while setting up their own enterprises during the months when they work on their “Big Idea” as part of the Experiential Learning Project (ELP).


Will we get a certificate at the end of the fellowship?

Yes, the fellows will be awarded a certificate after successful completion of the fellowship programme.


How will we be assessed?

Fellows will be graded through formative and summative exams. Formative tests will be ongoing and weekly/ monthly/ periodic and summative will be at the end of the course. This will be a combination of written and oral exams, project works and ELP.


Do we get to stay in hostels or dormitories?

HILLs is a fully residential programme and all fellows are required to stay in and work out of the farmstays (for more details on the concept of farmstays, please refer to the website and fellows manual). HILLs fellows will be sharing rooms with their co-fellows. As of now, we don’t give single rooms to the fellows.


Will there be interactive sessions with the faculty?

Yes, the fellows will get to interact with the faculty and discuss their ideas and opinions.


Can we carry our own blankets and heaters?

There is no need to carry blankets as these will be provided in the farmstays. Hot water bags are also easily available in the Leh market.


What is the fee structure? Are there any scholarships?

For more detailed information on the fee structure and scholarships, please refer to the website.