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3R to 3H

Instead of solving problems with the conventional 3Rs (Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic), we encourage learners to problem solve using the 3Hs: Bright Head, Kind Heart, and Skilled Hands. To successfully implement the 3Hs, HIAL has the following guiding principles:


Well-planned and uniquely assessed experiential learning programs stimulate intellectual curiosity, reflection, compassion, creativity, and skillfulness. Therefore, HIAL encourages learner development through Live Learning Labs that supplement the traditional academic setting. These opportunities instill qualities of leadership, cultural awareness, and entrepreneurship.


HIAL is building a network of collaborative partners that will support its efforts in research, teaching, enterprise, and exchange programs. Guest lectures by visiting faculty and industry experts are facilitated on a regular basis and learner-facilitator collaborations are encouraged. Programs are designed to create a space for learners to share and reflect on their experiences.


Research and innovation drive every aspect of HIAL. Learners at all academic levels are encouraged to undertake research and creative endeavours in collaboration with facilitators. These projects encourage free-thinking and help in developing solutions to address some of the key challenges experienced by mountain communities.

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